WordPress Training

We provide private one on one training on how to use the Hosting Control Panel, and how to edit and maintain a WordPress site. This training is tailor made for exactly what you require, it can be about setting up domains and emails, google or how to Install WordPress on the server, or simply how to edit and manage the content via the wp-admin Dashboard.

How to use your Web hosting Control Panel

For a fee we can train, demonstrate and explain what to use your Control Panel for, upon request. If you are not a developer you may not require access to this, as we usually manage it for you. i.e. We configure domain email boxes for you, and set up your Google Analytics account which monitors your site statistics.

How to manage your WordPress Admin

When you purchase a WordPress website from us, we install it, and configure it. Once your site is completed, you will receive a free one on one training session on how to add and change your content. This enables you to be independent, saving you money in the long run.

Teaching WordPress  – For Adults

Gillian taught WordPress classes for beginners, at Northcote College Community Education.  The College is not running classes this year, therefore Gillian is only available to teach on a private basis.

Our private WordPress tuition can be for installing exisitng themes from scratch, or how to manage a simple site* that is already installed and running. See More>>

Editing an existing WordPress

If you already have a simple WordPress site using an official pre-designed theme, (i.e. the theme you have, was downloaded from WordPress.org, or was purchased at www.themeforest.net or someone similar) and you require help how to edit it, then we may be able to call out and help you at our $50 per hour rate.

*Please note this service is not for unsupported themes built from scratch and already customised to a highly complex level by independent Database developers. Our service level is aimed to configure official themes for beginners.

Training Videos – if you want to install WordPress yourself the videos are on Youtube and at www.wordpress.org

Research at WordPress.org for information, training videos, and also search Google, to see what is involved. Then the first step is to get yourself set up with a suitable web hosting account. Most hosting Control Panels  allow you to automatically install WordPress. So if you can get that far, you are half way there!

1.Purchase a Hosting Account 2. Got to the control Panel of the hosting account, and Click Install WordPress. 3. After successfully installing, you would log into your /wp-admin and go straight to Apppearances tab, select and download your “THEME” – either a free one from wordpress.org, or upload a premium theme you have bought from themeforest.net.

Some theme authors do not provide training videos on how to configure their theme, however some Pro themes do have videos.

If the theme you require help with is “officialy promoted” on WordPress.org site, there may be training videos posted on Youtube to help you install it. We have seen dozens of WordPress training videos and they can be found on the Google Directory, if you search by the theme name in question. i.e. how to install “xyz” theme.

See this one for example: